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Bookkeeping Services

Are you doing your own books?

Do you have someone who isn't fully competent in financial record-keeping doing your books for you?

If so, chances are your books are inaccurate, outdated, or both. This can create issues with cash flow and cause a lot of headaches at tax time - not to mention eating up YOUR precious time.

My Simple Tax Services & Bookkeeping department ensures books are not only up to date and accurate, but also prepared in compliance with IRS and state regulations. The department benefits from CPA and tax attorney oversight and input, something you will not find anywhere else. Save time. Reduce stress. Enjoy peace of mind. We handle bookkeeping for the following clients:

• Construction companies • Real estate investors (commercial and residential) • Business owners for any industry • Service professionals • Landlords • Property management companies • Realtors ...from any state, nationwide.